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Know about this new decision taken by GCC now in Villivakkam in Chennai?

Posted on : 05/Dec/2022 9:46:24 AM

A glass suspension bridge has been constructed on the Villivakkam lake in Chennai at an cost of Rs 45 crores. Last week, the IIT-M civil engineering department along with 50 students from the department conducted load assessment work on this bridge. Now, the GCC or Greater Chennai Corporation has taken a decision that it would allow just a maximum of 100 people on this bridge.

Though this bridge has the capacity to withstand the weight of 500 people just 100 people only would be allowed. This was explained by Mr. Saravana Murthy, executive engineer from  Chennai Corporation. He spoke about how peoples movement plus their weights and possible shaking done by them etc would have to be considered seriously. To control the entry of people, a toll gate would be present.

It must be taken into account that the Villivakkam bridge is fully supported by reinforced steel structures. Information is that the bridge is 250m long, 1 m wide and 4m high from the lake level. There would be glass panels for 150m and people would be able to view water beneath them. Steel grills would be placed at all the sides  for support. A dynamic load test was carried out and people walked on the bridge at many points. Soon, a report would be submitted by IIT to GCC.

The bridge would be open for the public in April 2023 and this was according to some officials from GCC. As per the chief engineer of GCC Mr. S. Rajendiran, an amusement park construction with games, bowling alleys and food courts etc are pending.



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