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Long serpentine queues at the multi level car parking at Chennai airport creating confusion & chaos!!


Posted on : 05/Dec/2022 9:44:38 AM

On Sunday, 4th December 2022, the multi level car parking or MLCP at the Chennai airport was thrown open to the public after 3 years of construction. It must be noted that the passengers faced issues as they had to wait in the long serpentine queue for going out of the airport.

As it was the first day of the opening of the MLCP yesterday,the vehicles piled up. The issue would be addressed very soon and efforts have been going on regarding this. This was as per some AAI officials at the airport.

A resident from Perambur spoke about how it was chaotic and confusing to enter and exit. More signage and personnel would be needed to control the traffic. He added that alternate arrangements must be made for the arriving passengers here or else they would have to travel a long distance to get a cab or vehicle.

Entering different terminals and parking lots was confusing and this was according to a cab driver. He added that traffic congestion must be eased as soon as possible. Chennai airport  has also posted on Twitter about the opening of the MLCP facility at the airport and how passengers must cooperate until the vehicular flow inside the airport gets stabilised with the help of a new system.

It is noteworthy that in the new system the private vehicles that come to drop the passengers must exit the airport within 10 minutes or else they would have to pay the fee. The eastern wing of MLCP could accommodate 40 two wheelers and728 cars and the western wing of MLCP could accommodate 1450 cars. There would be designated points available for the cabs to pick up the arriving passengers (coming out of the domestic and international terminals) in the ground floor of the western wing and first floor of the east wing.

The AAI has announced the parking charges and cars would have to pay Rs 100 per hour of parking and 2 wheelers would have to pay Rs 20 per hour of parking. An amount of Rs 40 as an entry charge wou have to be paid by cabs that enter the airport for picking up passengers.



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