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New idea of issuing ID Cards from the Chennai Corporation for the residents?

Posted on : 13/Oct/2022 9:23:33 AM

To help the property owners in Chennai to access taxes dues and payment details online, the Chennai Corporation would be doing this now!!

The news that has come out now is that the corporation would be issuing property tax ID cards for the property owners in Chennai. Various details that would be available in the ID cards are names of the owners, property tax ID and QR code that when scanned would provide all the details regarding property, its size, tax dues and payment history etc. Using QRCodes also, the owners would be able to pay their property taxes and ID cards would have the signature of the commissioner of the Chennai Corporation.

It was mentioned by a senior official belonging to the Chennai Corporation that issuing ID cards for the owners was given importance as many of them do not remember their property IDs. He added that after finalising the plans the ID cards would be mailed to the owners.

By using the GIS or Geographical Information System, GCC has identified nearly 3lakh properties that are underassessed in Chennai. There would be door-to-door verification of these properties by third party entities. The senior officer then highlighted that tenders would be floated soon to engage a private agency to reassess these properties. It must be noted that these above mentioned activities would be carried out by GCC to improve the property tax collection.

The property tax collection in Chennai for the first half of 2022-23 went up by Rs 293 crores than the second half of 2021-22. From 1st of October 2022, the property tax collection for the second  half year of 2022-23 began and it is revealed that 4lakhs out of 13lakhs property owners have paid their property taxes till 10th October. This was according to data from the Chennai Corporation.



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