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Affordable, Easy and Credible: AssureShifts Evolutionary Services are Changing Chennais Relocation Industry


Posted on : 23/Sep/2022 9:27:35 PM

AssureShift, an online platform that connects consumers to genuine relocation companies, has been quietly reshaping the relocation industry in the country. The organisation leverages its state-of-the-art software and extensive network of credible relocation companies to offer consumers a seamless way of reaching trustworthy moving companies.

Trust is the biggest issue in the relocation industry. There are reports of scores of consumers being defrauded by fake moving companies on the promises of cheap prices or quick services. AssureShift has focused on this issue and built a platform to combat it.

With a network of over 100 well-reputed relocation companies in Chennai, a reach that covers the entire expanse of the subcontinent, cutting-edge software to refer the most relevant movers of the lot, and a dedicated support team, it is safe to say AssureShift has ushered in a new era of relocation. They have helped more than 50,000 families get in touch with reliable movers.

How AssureShift Ensures This

The secret of the organisation, says Debendra Prasad, Co-founder of AssureShift,, is four simple things; a customer-centric service that fills the most demanded, yet the most lacking need in the relocation industry market.

The network of verified movers in AssureShift, which has been accumulated over the years offer value-for-money services and customer-feedback-centric maintenance and performance reviews that not only help their present customers, at any given point in time, but also potential customers searching for genuine relocation service provider options.

#1 Network of Verified Movers

AssureShifts main focus is to connect consumers with reliable moving companies in the market, ultimately providing high-quality relocation services.

To ensure this, the organisation has a team of in-house experts that verify every moving company in detail before listing them on their platform.

The team carries out a complete, in-depth background verification of moving companies by checking all the necessary documents, such as:

Company GST registration
Office details and website
Owner ID proof
Contact details
Work history with performance
Customer reviews and satisfaction

#2 Value for Money Services

The organisation has its goals defined extremely clearly, making quality relocation services easy to access by any strata of the society, anywhere in India. AssureShift has some of the top movers in Chennai onboarded with them, with not just the idea to be affordable but also assure relocation services that return the best value for the money charged.

AssureShift has been value for money services for the masses with end-to-end services that cover the move in its entirety, dedicated move managers, cargo tracking facilities, insurance, free storage and warehousing, and many other value-added features.

You also get an array of services within relocation. The platform provides services ranging from bike and car relocation, and office shifting to more niche services like pet and plant relocation.

#3 Customer Feedback and Maintenance

The third aspect that makes them unique is the customer feedback-oriented system quality maintenance and ranking movers.

With the aim of providing 100% customer satisfaction, AssureShift is committed to providing reliable packing and moving services. All partners must conform to a set of basic standards that are set by the platform.

Great service begets additional benefits like higher ranking and recommendations, while poor services and complaints result in punishments.

If a complaint is received against a mover listed on the platform, action is taken against them to ensure it does not repeat again. Depending on the severity of the complaints received, AssureShift takes the appropriate steps to guarantee service quality is maintained, such as:

penalizing unprofessional movers by temporarily suspending
permanently delisting their business profiles from the website.

Simple and Easy-to-use Interface to Hire the Right Movers

If you are planning to use their platform for your relocation needs, AssureShift adheres to the following steps to obtain the best results as per your relocation requirements and budget needs

Fill out the inquiry form with your moving requirements.
Get f free referrals and quotes from 3 top moving companies in Chennai. 
Compare their charges, services, profiles, reviews, and ratings. 
Hire the best-suited mover for you and start your move with a stress-free mind.

All in all, AssureShift has been remodelling the relocation Industry to the standards of the 21st century, and their packers and movers companies in Chennai are the only promising options step towards a better and a much hassle-free future.




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