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21000 health care staffs deployed - Steps taken by the govt of TN in preventing the spread of infectious diseases!!


Posted on : 16/Aug/2022 6:44:58 PM

On Tuesday, 16th of August 2022, the state health minister Mr. M. Subramanian mentioned that the government of Tamil Nadu has been taking several measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases like dengue, typhoid, diarrhoea etc. Along with the cooperation of local bodies, the mosquito control measures are undertaken now.

It must be noted that the infectious diseases are being controlled in TN through a series of activities like creating awareness, identifying fever cases plus taking immediate steps in areas where fever cases have been identified and organising medical camps etc. In identifying the fever cases, the state health department has 3920 govt hospitals and 2000 private ones identifying the fever cases.

When a fever case has been identified, the area wise lists have been prepared by the health department in the respective districts. Point is that source reduction activity is being carried out immediately. It is learnt that 21000 temporary healthcare staff have been deployed to carry out the mosquito reduction activities and they would coordinate with the local bodies.

The SW monsoon might lead to an increase in the number of dengue cases in TN and steps have been taken to accelerate preventive measures at the district levels in TN. Enough stocks of life saving drugs, blood cells, testing kits, blood components and blood required for the treatment must be kept ready in the government hospitals. Potential mosquito breeding places are being identified and removal of unwanted mosquito breeding materials like tires, plastic cups, coconut husks etc is also being carried out by the local bodies in association with the health department of TN.

At all primary health centres, Indian medicine immunity boosters like neem water and papaya juice etc are made available. It is surprising to mention that 15853 fogging machines have been kept ready to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes.



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