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Double delight for the Chennai residents - Guess why??


Posted on : 04/Jul/2022 9:52:13 AM


The Tamil Nadu state highways department is grabbing the attention of many now!!

The long pending inland ferry services would be revived in the future and the state highways department has been taking great efforts. Now, clearance from IWAI or Inland Waterways Authority of India has been sought by this highways department for building a 760m bridge across Buckingham Canal in Chennai.

It must be remembered that a few years back IWAI (a statutory authority under the shipping ministry) had proposed to start ferry services on the south Buckingham Canal connecting Chennai Central and Marakkanam for more than a distance of 110km. Many low level bridges as well as defunct structures that were encroached upon have hindered the plan. The state highways department came out with a new proposal of constructing another bridge across the Buckingham canal after having discussions with many state agencies. This new road project would connect OMR and ECR in Chennai.

Approval from the Inland Waterways Authority of India has become very important from 2017-17 onwards for any new construction across the canal in Chennai. As per a senior engineer it was clear that IWAi would give its approval only when bridge height is a few metres above the maximum flood level of the canal of 15feet. 

He then threw light on how the designs have been submitted with some changes and how 33 encroachments in the form of houses present along both sides of the canal would be cleared. This would help in the construction of ramps at appropriate gradients.

Chennai residents would be doubly delighted and benefited when approved as OMR and ECR would be linked and traffic congestion would be reduced plus ferry services would be started on an experimental basis along the stretch under the bridge. This would help in improving the tourism in Chennai to a huge extent.
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