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Guess what is the new and sensational addition in the Chennai Egmore museum now?


Posted on : 24/Jun/2022 9:16:36 AM

Chennai Egmore museum has become the talk of the town!!

Working model of a nuclear power plant has been kept inside this superb museum in Chennai and this has attracted the attention of many now. This model was handed over to the TN government by NPCIL or Nuclear Power Corporation of India. This is the first time ever in India a working model of a nuclear power plant has been placed inside a government museum.

It is noteworthy that the name of this nuclear power plant model is 700 MW Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor or PHWR. To create awareness among the public, the nuclear power plant model was kept inside the museum now in Chennai. Information collected is that this model would be displayed in the childrens museum in the government museum. When compared to the working model the original reactor is 150 times bigger and the working model that has been kept in the museum is with the ratio 1:1.5. The process of production of power would be explained by this working model in languages like Tamil, English and Hindi etc.

The Egmore museum has been buzzing with many visitors these days now as many people come to the museum to have a look at the working model of the nuclear power plant etc. It was later pointed out by Mr. B. Chandramohan, secretary of the tourism department more than 1500 to 200 persons come to this museum on weekdays also now. He was confident that more people would be visiting the museum on weekends.

The important piece of information is that a new archaeological wing would be established in the museum and an amount of Rs 22 crores would be spent for this. In addition, an amount of Rs 22.4 crores would be used to extend the childrens museum wing.



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