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Shocking!! In Chennai, cab aggregators like Ola, Uber etc have turned upside down now?


Posted on : 24/May/2022 9:46:06 AM

Gone are the days when cab aggregators like Ola, Uber etc were considered as a superb option for the residents belonging to Chennai. The cab aggregators were considered as a terrific solution to the issues of commuters in Chennai. This was because of the fact that the cab aggregators provided safe travel, nominal price, 24#7 availability, pick up and drop anywhere etc.

Times have changed and the bitter truth is that now the commuters are facing issues because of cancellations of a ride on the app based taxi services. After accepting a ride, the drivers of these app based taxis call the commuters to know the destination before cancellation.

These days, the cab aggregators have been accused of cancellations plus payment problems, drivers being arrogant, unavailability of rides etc.  As per a regular user of app based taxis it was clear that the drivers of these cab aggregators do not show interest to pick up the commuters from the areas that were located away from the main roads or in the suburbs. The drivers were not willing to arrive at specific destinations. Before taking the decision of cancelling the ride, the drivers often ask about how the commuter would pay the amount (cash or online based.

There are many drivers of these cab aggregators who refuse to arrive at the pickup points especially in the night time and this would lead to issues for the commuters. This was according to a resident from Pazhavanthangal in south Chennai. The important piece of information is that when the commuters cancel the ride Rs 50 would be collected as fine from the commuter whereas when the drivers cancel the trip no relief amount would be paid for the commuters. What was more surprising was that some drivers even demand twice the money as they would have to return empty.

Ola and Uber etc have become so popular in Chennai mainly because of the fact that the residents would no longer have to deal with auto drivers. Now, the issue regarding cancellation of trips by the drivers is making commuters rethink about using autos for their travel in the Chennai city. This was as per a resident from Neelankarai. It is true that in the last few years rides in Ola and Uber were booked after 3 to 4 cancellations and drivers calling the commuters to ask about destinations and payment modes etc.

According to a resident belonging to Kilpauk, the mode of payment in the cab aggregators was another challenge for the commuters in Chennai. He added that it took some time for him to realise how Chennai auto drivers as well as drivers of these cab aggregators preferred to be paid by direct cash and not by online method.  

The drivers of cab aggregators explained that they get reduced earnings now.  Ride cancellations by the commuters and delayed payment etc have been creating issues for their lives too. Point is that mist drivers do not accept online modes of payment due to the fact that it would take a few days for their company to r reimburse them. Another major issue for the drivers has been the rise in the fuel rates in Chennai and this has resulted in decreased earnings for the drivers. To compensate for that, the commuters have been asked to pay more.



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