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Amazing news!! Arts and Sciences colleges in TN would become totally different!!


Posted on : 21/May/2022 9:39:20 AM

The academic ambiance for the students in the government run arts and sciences colleges in TN would become better and it would reach another level soon. An amount of Rs 200 crores would be spent by the government to create infrastructural facilities in the arts and science colleges. This would make these government run colleges on par with the private institutions. This would be done in the phase 1 of the programme

There are about 1.3lakhs of students studying in the arts and sciences in 70 government run colleges in TN. These students would get benefitted by this superb move from the Higher Education Department.

It was later highlighted by a senior officer belonging to the Higher Education Department that as a part of long term plan TN govt has allocated a huge amount of Rs 1000 crores for developing the overall infrastructure of the government run colleges in TN. It is learnt that all the science labs would be modified and new equipment would be purchased for the students. Based on the requirements, additional classrooms would be built in all the colleges.

The existing auditoriums in the colleges would be improved and new ones would also be constructed in the future. In all the colleges, there would be atleast one smart classroom.

The senior officer then spoke about how the government has sanctioned an amount of Rs 16.25 crores for purchasing 12930 desks and benches for the students, 862 tables for the teachers and 862 ceramic blackboards for the colleges through TANSI.

New digital libraries would be started in 10 government arts and sciences colleges in TN as per the orders from the government and this would be done mainly to support the learners and for creating a knowledgeable society. An amount of Rs 93lakhs has been sanctioned for this purpose of digital libraries.
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