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What exactly happened during Makara Vilakku Poojai and Makara Jothi dharisanam at Sabarimala yesterday?


Posted on : 15/Jan/2022 12:02:20 PM


On 14th January, at the highly popular Lord Ayappan Swamy temple in Sabarimala, makara vilakku poojai and makara jothi darisanam took place.

At 1pm yesterday, the procession left the Pandalam Valiya Kovilkal Shasta Temple carrying 3 boxes of gold ornaments. It is worthy to note that those devotees of Lord Ayyappan who have been selected on the behalf of the Travancore temple carried these 3 boxes on their shoulders. Point is that these ornaments would be worn for Swami Ayappan during the makara vilakku pooja.

Mahasankaranthi Pooja:

Mahasankaranthi pooja would usually be held on the day of makara jothi and it would take place at a time when Sun travels from Dhanusu raasi to Makara raasi. Yesterday afternoon, this pooja took place at the temple and caught the attention. It is learnt that at the time of this pooja coconut that has been brought from the Kawadiar belonging to the palace of Tranavcore Kings was broken and applied directly on the Swami Ayyappan without being poured into the vessels.  With the devotees chanting slokas, 3 boxes containing ornaments were brought to the sanidhanam of Sabarimala in the evening. 

On behalf of the Travancore temple, the 3 Thiruvaparana boxes with ornaments were given a superb welcome by the devotees. Later on, these boxes were carried through 18 steps and were received by Tantric and Melchanti. It must be noted that the temple walk or temple nadai was closed and the Swami Ayappan was dressed with these ornaments. The temple walk was opened again and deepa aradhanai was shown.  At the Ponnambalam hill, makara jothi was lit for the devotees. The chanting of Swamiye Saranam Ayyapa by the devotees at that time echoed not only at the sanidhanam but throughout Sabarimala also. Point is that at the Ponnambala Hill 3 times makara jothi was displayed for the devotees.

Special arrangements were made for the sake of devotees to witness makara jothi from 8 places like sanidhanam and Pambai etc. It has been mentioned that the anointing of ghee on Swami Ayappan would take place till 18th of January 2022.Devotees would be allowed for darshan till the 19th of January.

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