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Surprising information about the prices of vegetables in Chennai now!!


Posted on : 25/Oct/2021 9:39:51 AM

The increase in the supply has led to reduction in the prices of tomatoes and onions at the famous Koyambedu wholesale market in Chennai. Truth is that the prices of these 2 important vegetables fell by nearly half in this market. The prices of other vegetables have shot up by about 30% and this was mainly due to higher demand. This was revealed by some traders.

It is known that till last week, onions and tomatoes were sold for Rs 60 per kg and Rs 70 per kg respectively. The rains in the states supplying these vegetables got reduced and supply improved to 60 trucks of onions and 70 trucks of tomatoes.

President, Koyambedu Semi-Wholesalers Welfare Association Mr. S. Muthukumar explained that currently onions are being sold for Rs 30 per kilo and tomatoes for Rs 35 to Rs 40 per kilo.

There has been wastage of vegetables at the market after Ayudha Pooja festival and that was due to the drop in the sales of vegetables. Limited stocks of vegetables were brought by the traders. The demand for the vegetables increased and due to this the prices of vegetables went up by 30%.

The monsoon would begin now and this would lead to reduction in the supply of vegetables. This supply shortage would result in the prices fluctuating. Beans were sold for Rs 70 to Rs 80 per kg, carrots- Rs 60 to Rs 70 per kg, chillies Rs 30 to Rs 35 per kg, brinjal and ladys finger at Rs 30 per kg. There has been stagnancy in the fruits business at this market. This was as per some fruit traders. After Ayudha Pooja festival, the prices went down and might not improve during deepavali festival. It must be taken into account that apples were sold for Rs 100 per kg, pomegranate for Rs 80 to Rs 100 per kg etc.
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