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Information about the upcoming new tourism hub in the Chennai city


Posted on : 23/Sep/2021 9:38:21 AM

Sit, dine and watch a performance, concerts etc all at the same time in Chennai!!

This would be possible in the future. The Chennai residents would always remember the Island Grounds in north Chennai. It is well known that on the island grounds annual India Tourist and Industrial Trade Fair would take place year after year in December- January months. People come with their families and friends here to have fun and relaxation.  It is now revealed by Mr. B. Chandramohan, secretary of Tourism there are plans to make this 20 acre Island ground a year round event place.

To redevelop Island Grounds into a tourism hub, the tourism department has sought the services of a consultant. The consultant would be preparing a DPR soon. Mr. Chandramohan spoke about how sitting, dining and watching a performance could be possible and how there would be exhibitions, car shows plus performances, concerts, food courts etc in this place. He threw light on how the concept has been coming out well and how the design was underway.

The above said annual December- January event here usually witnesses huge crowds. Point is that the sutrula porutkatchi or exhibition is popular here and it would showcase government achievements, fairground rides etc. The 20 acre land provides superb and enough space to park the vehicles.

By redeveloping the Island Grounds into a tourism hub, the GCC would get enough revenue and it was a good idea. This was as per Mr. N. Ravi, former TTDC official. He later spoke about how not everyone would like to go to the closed malls having air-conditioners. He shed light on how in the past flower shows, food fairs and dog shoes attracted huge crowds and huge revenue.

It must be noted that a few years back the GCC had passed a resolution about the world class tourism infrastructure that would be developed near Cooum River.
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