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Shocking news!! In Chennai, auto drivers are quitting their jobs, selling their autos now!!


Posted on : 21/Jul/2021 8:55:17 AM

The auto drivers have been finding it difficult to make both ends meet now. This is mainly due to the rise in the fuel rates plus shutting down of businesses due to Covid-19.

A large number of auto drivers have quit their profession and have sold their autos at low rates in the southern state. This was according to activists and trade union leaders etc.

It was later revealed by an auto driver in Chennai that he had sold his auto and had made up his mind to work in some small shop to support his family. He was of the view that the prices of fuels have been going upwards and was left with no other option other than quitting his profession. He spoke about how he had paid his EMI for the last 4 months and how he had sold gold available at his home.

The shocking piece of information is that the banks do not show any leniency towards auto drivers etc even after the markets were shut down for 2 months due to Coronavirus infection and hike in fuel rates. After the daily fuel increase, the auto drivers were unable to carry out their day-to-day activities. This was pointed out by some trade unions.

The trade union has strongly recommended the TN government to settle this issue. This was brought out by Mr. K.K. Kathiravan, trade union leader associated with AITUC. He highlighted that the union government has been creating issues by continuously hiking the fuel prices.

The auto drivers could not get any profit now through their profession. Truth is that the auto drivers spend Rs 400 for the fuel but they do business for Rs 200 to Rs 300 only. This has led to many auto drivers looking out for various other jobs to support their families now.
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