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Delay in metro trains in different stretches in Chennai, issue sorted out


Posted on : 06/Mar/2021 9:16:02 AM

Metro train commuters in Chennai have been facing train delays in the last 2 days!!

The signalling issues have been responsible for the 5 to 10 minutes delay of metro trains in different stretches in the last 2 days in Chennai. According to a source from CMRL, in some of the trips the trains were delayed by nearly 10 minutes and in some cases there was a delay of 7 to 8 minutes.

The signalling issue was resolved towards the day end and it brought relief for the CMRL authorities.  

It was later mentioned by an officer belonging to CMRL that the signalling issue occurred and it was resolved at the earliest. He added that if any issue emerged then it would be resolved immediately.

There were some minor glitches like trains applying emergency brakes leading to delay in February and it was resolved quickly. The officer later spoke about how people take metro trains to go to their work spots and to central stations or airports etc and their journey should not be delayed. Truth is that recurring glitches must be resolved immediately or else CMRL might lose some of its commuters.

Important piece of information is that nearly 95000 to 97000 commuters have travelled on metro trains in the last week. It was a marginal decrease from the one lakh commuters who had travelled in the previous month. From last year, the number of people using metro trains has increased. Reduction in the ticket rates (from Rs 70 to Rs 50) and a further 20% discount given to those who use smartcards etc have made many travel by metro trains. In the month of February 2021, a new stretch from Washermanpet to Wimco Nagar was opened for the public and this has been witnessing more footfalls. Truth is that everyday 12000 to 13000 passengers have been travelling in this new north Chennai line.
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