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Viable alternative routes has been explored by MTC for sake of commuters travel in Chennai


Posted on : 27/Jan/2021 10:15:09 AM

Many commuters in Chennai change 3 buses to reach their destinations and they find it very difficult. To help these commuters, MTC is now exploring viable alternative routes. By this, the commuters would be able to go to suburbs without breaking their journey plus it would also improve occupancy in the MTC buses.

It was later brought out by a resident belonging to Pattabhiram that a direct MTC bus to Porur would be highly beneficial for many passengers as many travel to the hospital at Porur from the western suburbs. Before Covid-19 pandemic began in Chennai, 33 lakh passengers travelled by MTC buses to their destinations daily. Now, the number has gone down to 19 lakhs per day. Earlier, atleast close to 1.4 lakhs bus passes used to be issued every month and it has dropped to 50,000 now. This has been attributed to factors like work from home of IT employees, closure of the schools and colleges. Many people avoid using MTC buses for social distancing concerns.

As per a senior officer belonging to the transport department, the occupancy rate is around 60% now. He then spoke about the meeting that was convened by Mr. C. Sathiyamoorthy, transport secretary. In that meeting, that transport secretary asked the transport corporations to identify viable alternative routes inside and outside Chennai city.

Truth is that the MTC have been identifying routes that are having more demand, where the frequency is low and where there are no buses. Extended areas have been given more importance now. To help the public reach places like Oragaddam and Padappai easily, Poonamallee to Walajabad through ORR is given priority now. This was as per an official of MTC.

Feasibility study by MTC:

It is now said that the officials have been studying the feasibility of operations on both ORR as well on IRR. Assessing the demand for certain routes on the stretch and diverting some buses to other unconnected areas are given importance now due to closure of IT companies. Short routes inside Chennai are being considered. It was later mentioned by the official that many smaller routes off arterial roads that are not catered to at present are also under study.

The MTC was focussing on the routes catered to by trains in the past. This was revealed by Mr. Somasundaram, a consumer activist. He highlighted that reduced train services on the routes have led to the operation of MTC buses operated on these routes for revenue sake.

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