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By April, new parking lots to be completed in Chennai airport


Posted on : 19/Jan/2021 9:22:19 AM

The news is AAI or Airport Authority of India has started the process of laying access roads from the facility to the terminal at the Chennai airport. It is known that multi level parking lots have been taking shape at this superb airport. For the vehicles inside the airport campus, a new traffic arrangement is being made. Just last week, work to construct the road to the terminals started. Modification of the road that leads from the existing car parking facility to the terminals facility would be carried out.

The 2 multi level car parks to the terminals located 100m away would be connected by the road. This was mentioned by an official belonging to AAI. Few pavements and roads inside the campus would be realigned as it cuts across the campus. It must be noted that there would be a pathway from GST Road to the car parking complex that would also have a hotel and a commercial complex.

The official later pointed out that the road was needed for cars to drop the passengers, return and enter the parking lot. It is important to mention here that on either side of the airport metro station 2 multi level facilities are being built. It is now said that these 2 multi level facilities would be expected to have a bridge connecting the 2 buildings to the tube that runs in front of the passenger terminals. By this, the people would be able to park and excess the terminal without exiting the building. The information is construction would be completed soon and the structure would be commissioned in April month.

Rearrangement of traffic flow:
It has been brought out that when the facility gets ready then the existing parking lot would not be used and. There would be rearrangement of traffic flow of the vehicles inside the airport campus. The superb piece of information is that around 2000 cars would be accommodated in the 2 structures. It is revealed that the tower on the west would have 6 parking levels, a hotel and food and beverages retail stores and there would be 7 parking complex , multiplex and a mall on the building on the east side.
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