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A single easy ride through entire Chennai city in just two and half hours


Posted on : 01/Dec/2020 9:21:36 AM

The commuters would be able to touch northern as well as southern suburbs of the Chennai city in just 2 and half hours in a single train ride!! Sounds incredible isnt it!!

In another 6 years, when metro phase-2 starts its operations in Chennai the above mentioned would become a reality. A circular route has been planned by CMRL and by this route the commuters would be able to travel from Madhavaram to Sholinganallur and back via Adyar on the east and CMBT on the west of Chennai. This trip would cover 81kms.

Corridors 3 and 5 would be linked by the circular route and it would be similar to the direct lines operated in the phase-1 linking Chennai Central metro to the Airport via CMBT across corridors 1 and 2. The construction work of 188.9km phase-2 has already started and it is expected to be ready by the year 2026.

It has been brought out by some officials belonging to CMRL that the circular route would follow the line from Madhavaram-CMBT-Sholinganallur-Adyar and Madhavaram. There would be 7 metro trains operated every hour at a frequent of 8.5 minutes.

The important piece of information is that the passengers wanting to travel from Perumbakkam corridor 5 to Perambur on corridor 3or from Taramani on corridor 3 to Thirumangalam on corridor 5 could get into the train. From Porur junctions to the stations on OMR such as Perungudi etc would be possible in a single train ride by the passengers. The main benefit is that it would save time for the passengers.

It is now stated by the DPR of phase2 that this circular train operation besides catering to the traffic on corridor 3 would also cater to an estimated 5171 passengers between Madhavaram and MMBT. This circular train operation would also cater to an estimated 35714 passengers between MMBT to Sholinganallur on corridor 5. By the year 2055, there would be one metro train that would be operated between MMBT and Sholinganallur route alone for every 3.5 minutes frequency. 

This would be due to the fact that the metro trains would be operated independently in all the 3 corridors. The circular train operation needs fewer trains and hence the officials recommend this circular route that is around 21 three car rakes and 15 six car rakes by 2025.Truth is that it would be fewer than the number of trains that would be needed to operate on the routes across 3 corridors.
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