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In Chennai, many youngsters reported blood clots during the COVID pandemic


Posted on : 29/Oct/2020 9:04:41 AM

Blood clots in the larger blood vessels have become more due to the Coronavirus infection. This was according to Kauvery Hospitals based consultant neurologist Dr. Bhuvaneswari Rajendran.

On Wednesday, 28th October 2020, the doctor was addressing a virtual conference on the topic Stroke emergency and rapid response. She highlighted that the blood clots were formed due to the immune system of the body to Covid-19.

It was later brought to light by another Dr. Sivarajan Thandeeswaran, senior consultant, stroke and neurovascular medicine, Kauvery Hospitals that majority of young patients who were reporting about the blood clots in the blood vessels going to limbs and heart had co-morbid conditions like BP, diabetes etc.

It is necessary to keep health issues like diabetes and BP under control as they were the risk factors for strokes. This was according to Dr, Bhuvaneswari Rajendran.

It must be noted that strokes had a high mortality rate and roughly 41% of the patients did not survive. Hence, getting immediate medical attention was crucial.

As per Dr. Ennapadam S. Krishnamoorthy, neurologist and neuropsychiatrist and founder of Buddhi Clinic, 25percent of the strokes patients could get clot busting done on them but just 10pecent gets medical attention in correct time even in well developed nations. It is known that the strokes patients need rehabilitation measures for full recovery.

He added that strokes related to the brain affected the entire body. It is worthy to mention here that strokes affected the physical, functional, cognitive, emotional and behavioural aspects of patients. Dr. Krishnamoorthy concluded that rehabilitation was a team effort that began at the ICU of the hospital and continued at homes. It is known that strokes are a medical condition where poor blood flow to the brain could lead to death of the cells and the two types of strokes are hemorrhagic and ischemic.
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