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Petition to propose a single pass to travel on the buses, trains, and Metrosto be placed in Assembly today!


Posted on : 16/Sep/2020 2:49:25 PM

The Legislative Assembly Session, which is normally conducted in the Chief Secretariat, will not be conducted there and instead, it was organised to be conducted on the 3rd Floor of the Chennai Kalaivanar Arangam in Chepauk, Chennai Metro City where the Members of The legislative Assembly at 10.00 AM on 14th September.

14th September being the 1st day, the meeting was conducted only for 16 minutes. Condolence was recorded for the departed 213 Legislative Assembly Members who had died and this was postponed to the next day.

Subsequently, the Legislative Assembly Session started for the 2nd day yesterday (Wednesday, 15th September)at 10.00 AM. Hot discussions were held on Corona, NEET, malfunctioning of the Prime Minister Kisan Scheme, etc.

The Chief Minister E. Palaniswamy, the Deputy Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam and Opposition Party Leader Stalin addressed the gathering.

Meanwhile, a proposal was forwarded to allot 7.5% quota in the medical graduation courses for the government High School Students and was passed unanimously.

With the Legislative Assembly Session set to conclude today (Thursday, 16th September), the opposition parties have planned to raise questions regarding several issues!

As the Legislative Assembly Session is set to conclude today, an important proposal, the facility of a single-pass for the Chennai Metro City passengers to commute in the buses, suburban trains, MRTS, as well as Metro Rail is being submitted today (Thursday, 16th September).

It is informed that the Deputy Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam will present the proposal. Though there are several issues in the proposal, it is expected that this will be passed!

In case the proposal gets passed, this pass would serve extremely handy for the all Chennai Metro City Resident employees. Still, there is a facility of Rs. 1000 monthly pass in the Chennai Metro City Transport. However, the maximum monthly fare in trains is under Rs. 300, it is still an issue to be resolved.

When the Tamil Nadu State Government Minister for Transport M. R. Vijayabhaskar had an interview with the press crew and explained that until now, separate cards are being issued until now for travel either in bus or by train.

However, henceforth, for the benefit of all passengers, a common card will be issued. With this, the school students, college students, and the working employees will all avail the benefits!
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