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In TN, dealership from Aavin for the jobless auto drivers and taxi drivers in TN


Posted on : 24/Jul/2020 9:52:32 AM

Aavin managements dual intention of increasing their sales plus providing work to the drivers of autos and taxis in TN has caught the attention of many.

For many months, the auto drivers and taxi drivers in Tamil Nadu have been finding it difficult to make both ends meet due to lack of work. Now, Aavin has come forward to provide work for them.

It is mentioned that the state owned Aavin management has come out with an idea of converting these auto and taxi drivers as Aavin agents. By this, these drivers could use their vehicles to sell Aavin to the customers and they would be able to earn an amount up to Rs 15000 per month.

It was pointed out by an official belonging to Aavin that during the lockdown the deposit amount for the agents has been reduced to Rs 1000 from Rs 10,000.He explained about how the auto drivers and taxi drivers could use their vehicles as mobile Aavin units and sell milk plus other Aavin products and earn up to Rs 15000 per month.

Finding customers has become an issue now for the auto and taxi drivers in TN and this has been due to severe restrictions in many districts done to control the spread of Covid-19 infection. Even after the easing of the rules, the auto and taxi drivers are finding it tough. By reducing the deposit amount to just Rs 1000, Aavin has got 575 new dealers now in Tamil Nadu.

In Tirunelveli and in The Nilgiris districts in TN, the first set of auto and taxi drivers have enrolled themselves as Aavin agents. It is now expected that in the coming weeks, this enrollment would be in other districts of TN also. Important piece of information is that Aavin is procuring 40lakh litres of milk from the farmers and selling 25lak litres per day.
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