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Join the Cultivating mind workshop at Rs 999 only


Posted on : 22/Jul/2020 4:25:21 PM

Everyone wants to be happy or successful but no one knows what it takes to become successful and live a happy life.

Spending a lot of time, effort and money on trying to learn the Secrets of Success with various courses and workshops.

You end up learning nothing and still not living a happy, healthy life.

Isnt that bothering and bringing you down??

Well !!! Let me tell you something.

There is no such secret.

Researchers find 69 % of people feel trapped in the same old routine and over 40 % are unhappy with their lives.

The reasons behind people living an unhappy life are, 
1. Not earning desired income at their job.
2. Not satisfied with the lifestyle they live
3. Not having the right mindset to face any situation and failing to learn and develop the right mental attitude.

What if I say, you can improve yourself by unlocking the potential of your mind-body connection by spending 5 minutes a day.

What if I say, you can become the best version of yourself and still doesnt have to compromise your dreams by looking at the opportunities in front of you.

Imagine you sitting on your couch at your home and thinking about what have you learnt in the past 60 days. The average person thinks about the miseries or losses he/she had faced considering that person made 10x of income.

But you celebrating the slightest moments of joy that you had with your family and little success in your profession.

Who here is the happiest person??

Obviously, it is you, cherishing the moments of your life, right.

It feels happy and pleasant to think about you having a happy and successful life, isnt it?
So, How do you get this happy life with right mindset ???

In order to become the best version of yourself, you have to unlock the potential of the mind-body connection.

This is not some law of attraction stuff.

I am talking about Cultivatiting your mind by specific and scientifically proven methods which you will be learning in this 5-day workshop.

Once you have learnt to leverage your mind-body connection, you can achieve the desired outcome, be happy, be successful in both personal and professional life.

All this can be done by spending 1 hour a day for the next 5 weeks by Body-Mind Connect Secret formula.

If you dont address this issue of not having the right mindset when things are going to be worse. It can bring things like bad health condition, unstable financial situation and struggles with a relationship into your life.

I dont want this to happen to you.

My name is Dr Deepa Satish Your Transformational Coach, Brain Talent Mapping Counsellor, An Author and Alternative Medicine therapist and consultant.

With all this said, I am opening the Cultivating mind life transformation 5-week workshop with a reduced price of Rs.999/- only.

This is a virtual workshop, where you dont want to leave your home and it is more of an exercise.

So, grab this opportunity by clicking the link below, to join the life transformation workshop with me and start living a happy, healthy and successful life.

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