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Free movement of autos in Chennai - lock down rule totally violated


Posted on : 30/May/2020 10:20:23

Permission has been given to operate autos outside Chennai city and in other parts of Tamil Nadu only. The drivers of the autos do not care about the rules and many autos were seen ferrying the passengers in the Chennai city.

As many as 180 check pints have been set up in the city of Chennai to monitor the violators. In addition, there are also regular check posts to stop violation. Inspite of all these, the auto drivers have been carrying even 2 or 3 passengers together thereby breaking social distancing rule too.

It must be remembered that on 22nd May 2020 the government relaxed some rules imposed in the lock down period. The government allowed autos and cycle rickshaws to ply in TN with just one passenger.

The autos have been given permission to ply between 7 am to 7 pm only and driver as well as the passenger must wear face masks. The drivers were asked to sanitize their autos thrice a day and the passengers must be given hand sanitizers by auto drivers to clean their hands.

In Chennai, every day more number of Corona virus positive cases get reported and the relaxation rule do not apply in Chennai. Autos were not allowed to ply in Chennai city. The norms have been ignored by the auto drivers and they continue to drive autos on Chennai roads. It is surprising to note that in places like Parrys and Broadway etc autos carried even 2 or 3 passengers.

With the absence of police personnel to keep an eye on the violating autos, the presence of steel barricades alone would not be able to stop the auto drivers from violating the rules.

It was brought to light by police personnel that their department has been doing everything to catch the violating autos. The auto drivers were of the view that ever since the lock down started they have been finding it tough to support their families. Therefore, they had to break the rules as they do not have any other option of earning money. Important point is there are 75,000 auto drivers in the Chennai city.
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