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For plus 2 answer sheets evaluation in TN, all precautions taken, no evaluation in Chennai


Posted on : 26/May/2020 10:36:24 AM

From 27th May onwards, plus two answer sheets of the students would be corrected is known. As many as 40,000 teachers would be involved in the correction of 48 lakhs answer sheets at 200 TN centres.

It was revealed by Vellore collector, Mr. A. Shanmuga Sundaram that 130 evaluators would be out of district teachers. These evaluators were asked to get photo ID cards from the respective CEO. This ID card could be shown to the bus conductors when asked for as administration has planned to operate 17 buses in 8 routes to reach 8 evaluation centres. Passes must be obtained from CEO by those with would use their own vehicles to the evaluation centres.

It must be taken into account that differently able teachers, pregnant teachers and those teachers with kids would be allowed to bring 1 assistant to help them. 

Important information is a room would have just 8 teachers and they would be involved in the answer sheets evaluation. It must be noted that there would not be class 12 answer sheets evaluation in Chennai city due to increasing number of Corona virus cases getting reported every day. Point is answer scripts allotted for correction in Chennai would be shifted to other districts.

Mr. S. Kannappan, school education director, spoke about how the evaluation centres were increased from 70 to 200. He explained about how the safety of the teachers would be given huge importance. 

Important information is 40,000 to 69,000 PG teachers teaching plus one and plus two classes would be drafted for the answer sheet correction.

A chief educational officer or CEO mentioned about the uninterrupted power and water supply at the evaluation centres. This would be taken care of by the district collectors visiting the centres. After the evaluation of class 12 answer sheets gets completed, then the evaluation of class 11 answer sheets would begin.
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