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Cyclone Amphan set to cross coast this evening (20th May) between Bangladesh and West Bengal!


Posted on : 20/May/2020 14:52:45

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has informed that the cyclone Amphan is set to cross the coast this evening (Wednesday, 20th May). As of now, the ocean in the Odisha/West Bengal areas are presently stormy and strong and high-speed winds have been blowing.

Amphan is the severest cyclone forme in the Bay of Bengal Zone after a gap of 21 years as the last severe cyclone was experienced in 1999.  Amphan is set to cross the coast this evening.  It may be recalled that during the cyclone of 1999, over 10000 lives were lost in the state of Odisha. It is remarkable that cyclone Amphan has also evolved in an identical fashion and thus likely to cause severe damages!

As such, precautionary measures are being undertaken in full swings and rescue squads have all been kept ready.

Severe cyclone Amphan is presently stabilized over the northwest Bay of Benga. As per the information from IMD, it is presently located 120 km away in the eastern direction from Paradeep in the southeast direction. It is also informed that the cyclone has been drifting at a speed of 18 kmph to 19 kmph!

The cyclone is set to cross the coast right from the afternoon today (Wednesday, 20th May), as per information, it will cross the coast via the area between the 2 islands – Tiha of West Bengal and Hathia of Bangladesh. It is informed that during this period, winds may blow at speeds of 155 kmph to 165 kmph and cyclonic winds may blow intermittently at 185 kmph.

Meanwhile, the sea in the Tiha area (located in the East Medinipur District of West Bengal) presently is in an extremely stormy condition. High-speed winds have been blowing. Severe cyclonic winds have been blowing in the Balasore district of Odisha in the Chandipur and Kendrapara districts. The sea is turbulent.

In the Paradeep area, winds are already blowing at 102 kmph as per the information given by the Odisha Special rescue Squad Commissioner.

It has been announced that Kolkata Airport will not function due to the cyclone Amphan until 5.00 AM tomorrow. Subsequently, the flight services in this zone have been stopped. It is reported that Kolkata city may be devastatingly affected by the cyclone Amphan.

The National Disaster Management Commission has informed that the West Bengal districts of Hooghly, North and south 24 Parganas will be severely affected by the cyclone Amphan. Winds may blow at 130 kmph in these 3 districts and the sea waves may rise up to a height of 6 metres and the seawater may flood the low-lying areas.

It has been raining heavily with strong winds in Odisha’s Paradeep district and West Bengal’s South 24 Pargana district. It is informed that 7 districts of the state of West Bengal may be directly severely affected. Over 4 lakh people have shifted from the likely-to-be affected areas in both the states and have been moved to safer places.

In this situation, the guideline of keeping social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic, only 500 people are accommodated in places where 1000 can be normally accommodated.

Indian Navy’s Rescue Squads have been kept in ‘Alert’ mode! As it is very likely that the tail-end portion of the cyclone Amphan will cause severe damages, the public has been cautioned NOT TO VENTURE OUT OF THEIR RESIDENCES UNTIL THE SITUATION IMPROVES!
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