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A large number of applications received to join Arts and Science Degree courses


Posted on : 22/May/2019 09:43:19

As a large number of applications were received for joining the Arts and Science Colleges in Madurai, The administrations of colleges have written to Kamaraj University to approve additional seats for admission.

There are 11 Government-aided colleges, 27 self-managed colleges, 6 University member colleges., 50 self-financed colleges, for a total of 115 colleges functioning under Madurai Kamaraj University.

Each college admits 60 students per class for the arts and Commerce graduate courses which do not require any laboratory sessions/training/lessons. 40 students are admitted per class in the science graduate courses requiring laboratory facilities.

Additional seats may be approved if there are facilities for the building complex, classrooms, and other infrastructure.

Over the last few years, the attraction for engineering and technology courses have waned considerably and the candidates have started showing more interest in joining Arts and Science Colleges.

The Arts and science college administrations have informed that, especially, for this year, a large number of applications have been received for the following courses – B. Com., B. Com.-CA, B. A, (English and Tamil literature), B. Sc. (Computer Science), and B. Sc. (Chemistry). Even candidates who have scored high marks are finding it difficult to join these courses!


Following this development, letters have been sent to Kamaraj University to approve additional seats on behalf of the various college administrations.

The Principal of the Wakf Board College, Abdul Qadir, shared in this regard:

‘This year, more students have shown interest to join the Arts and Science Courses. Even the students with high marks could not be admitted to the Arts and Science Courses!  In our college also, we have received a large number of application forms for B. Com, and other courses!

With a view to offering admission to the deserving meritorious candidates, we have written a letter to approve additional seats – 25% more for the courses without any Laboratory facility and 20% for the courses which need laboratory facility.