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How to overcome the effects of blue light from digital devices?


Posted on : 04/May/2019 5:09:56 PM

It is very common for people to know the harmful effects of overexposure to TV, laptop and smartphone screens. Its effect and consequential reactions on brain and eyes are often discussed and debated, but what about skin? As we are increasingly relying on such digital devices, whether to click on the social media or to take a selfie or just to enjoy your favorite series, there is a lot of risk associated with the blue light rays.

It is not just that blue light is present only in sunlight. The digital devices we make use of each and every day emit blue lights. These days, a lot of consumers are conscious about their health. They try all the ways possible to keep their skin healthy and also prevent preterm ageing. They want to bid bye to acne and other kinds of skin ailments. However, they lag in enough understanding about harmful effects of blue light on the skin.

These days, there is about 6 hours of average exposure to blue light rays from such digital devices.

Blue light can easily penetrate the skin when compared to the effects of UVA and UVB rays that cause damage to the skin. When the skin gets constantly exposed to blue light, it results in pigmentation, swelling and also redness whereas it is not the case with UVA rays. The skin will age faster as it gets exposed to blue light. Hence it gets dehydrated earlier and show signs of ageing.

Here are a few tips to reduce the harmful effects of blue light.
  • Make use of any blue light shield on screens like laptop or PC so that the effect of the light is reduced
  • Even while present indoors, make your skin safe and protected by the application of aloe vera gel or others. However, it is not recommended to apply sunscreen throughout the day. It is always best to opt for natural methods
  • Have your laptop and smartphone screen settings in the night mode whenever in use so that it has lesser impact
  • Always maintain a healthy gap between you and the device
  • Try to reduce the overall hours of exposure to blue light 

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