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Polling commences in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry


Posted on : 18/Apr/2019 17:56:49

Today, 18th April, is the 2nd Phase of the parliamentary elections, being conducted in as states for 95 parliamentary seats including Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. Tamil Nadu has 39 parliamentary seats and Puducherry, 1.

The polling has commenced. The parliamentary election for Vellore Constituency has been cancelled due to complaints of money circulation.

The voting machines were thoroughly checked at 6.00 AM before the polling commencement. The model voting exercise was carried out in the presence of the contestants and agents. Subsequently, the polling will start.

In Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, by polls for 18 and 1 assembly constituency respectively is also being conducted today.

There are 2 major alliances in the election fray led by DMK and AIADMK. Apart from these political parties such as AMMK, MNM, Namm Thamizhar, etc., are also contesting.

here are 822 contestants for the 38 parliamentary seats. There are 269 contestants for the 18 assembly seats. In Puducherry, 18 contestants are there for 1 Parliamentary seat and 8 contestants are there for 1 assembly constituency.

The feverish election campaign, in progress over the last 2 weeks, concluded day-before-yesterday at 6.00 PM. Subsequently, the other people who are not the votes in the relevant constituency were removed from there.

67720 polling booths have been set up throughout Tamil Nadu. All equipment including EVMs has been kept ready.

As there is the special occasion of Chithirai festival being celebrated in Madurai, the voting time has been extended by 2 hours. In other words, voting in Madurai booths will conclude at 8.99 PM.

Along with the EVM (Electronic Voting Machine), VVPAT will also remain linked. The voter can check and confirm whether his vote has gone to the right selection he had chosen.

Voters are not allowed to carry cell phones. So, they are advised to keep their cells at home.

Though voting concludes by 6.99 PM, in case some voters who entered earlier still remain, they will be allowed to vote. In case of a last-moment rush, tokens will be given o voters and they will be allowed to vote.

The % voting data will be released every 2 hours after the polling start at 7.00AM.

Once the voting concludes, the ETMs will be kept in boxes safely and sealed. Then, they will be taken with police security to the counting centres.

The by-poll for 4 assembly constituencies at Aravakurichi, Thirupparankundram, Oddapidaram, and Sulur will be conducted on 19th May. The election, held throughout the country in 7 Phases concludes on this day.

Counting will start on 23rd May.

The Election Commission has made all necessary arrangement required to conduct the election honestly and independently. The Army also joins the state police to provide security.