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How to protect infants from the scorching summer impact?


Posted on : 17/Apr/2019 1:26:16 PM

It is a fact that children get affected to the most extent as compared to the elders when considering the harmful effects of the scorching summer heat. Especially, young infants have to encounter several body complaints.

So, here are some useful tips as to how to protect the infants and children from the harmfull effects due to the scorching summer heat impact:

Do avoid using the mattresses made from synthetic fibre for the children. Instead, spread a thin cloth on the floor and place the child on it! This would reduce body heat!

 In case the infant is kept at the same place for a long while, there are prospects of the child. infants back to be hotter, replace the childs location regularly in a different place on the same bedding.

As the summer is quite severe, avoid taking children/infants out during the hot sun! In case it is unavoidable, wear white clothes (for the children/infants), It would be even better to use only cotton clothes!

Ensure that the breeze does not fall directly on the child/infants place. This may lead to some breathing problem.

For the breastfed infants, only that would be sufficient. If required, as per the doctors advice, give some boiled water after cooling it.

For the children having completed 6 months, boil chopped pumpkin varieties, mash the pieces and feed the children.

In order to ensure the body heat under control, give a head-bath to the child/infant once in 2 days.

If the child has dense hair growth, there are prospects of catching a cold due to the sweating. So, it is advisable to give periodical hair-cuts to the children.

Thinking of perfect protection from heat, please do not keep the children in an air-conditioned environment for long durations! It would be ideal if the temperature is maintained at 27 Degrees where children are kept.

During the summer, do not allow the children to play outdoor games especially in the hot sun instead, during these periods, allow them to play indoor games such as carom.

Avoid giving children coloured and artificially-flavoured cool-drinks! Instead, give tender coconut, palm-water, buttermilk with a pinch of salt, or fruit juices a few times during the day period. This would ensure enough water content in the body.

As the body tens to get hotter during summer, there are prospects of being affected with diarrhoea, During such period, eat sapota fruit and a glass of water with a pinch of salt and sugar frequently!

There are occasions during summer when kids suffer from dry skin, difficulty in passing urine, etc. So, ensure that the kids take a minimum of 1 to 2 litres of water every day!

Especially in summer, avoid food items such as chicken meat, chips, oil-fried items, spicy food, and chapatti- biscuits (flour-rich)

Give grapes, watermelon, guava, etc., regularly.

If the body is kept in perfectly clean condition, there are no chances of being affected by prickly heat caused by bacteria, o, prickly heat powder is not needed. In case affected by prickly heat, use organic material such as sandal, neem leaves, etc., for treating.

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