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Please be careful and do not put these in the kitchen blender


Posted on : 12/Dec/2018 14:47:13

In many kitchens we would have noticed an appliance that would mix, puree and emulsify foods etc and this appliance is called as blender. Many of us are having opinion that blenders could be used for all types of foods and are not aware that there are few foods that must not be put in a blender.

These below mentioned must not be put in the blender

Avoid leafy green vegetables:

This is one important food that must never be put inside a blender. These leafy greens provide us many health benefits is known fact. When they are put inside a blender, the motor of the appliance could turn the dish into brown colour. Suppose if you want to put the leafy greens into blender it is important to ice the greens for a time of 5 minutes to keep the colours vibrant.

Avoid high fibre foods:

It is now said that even with the new powerful high speed blenders, foods having high fibres do not do well. It must be taken into account that raw broccoli stalks would become strings of fibre when put into blender.

Avoid rock hard frozen fruits:

Fruit smoothies are highly preferred by many of us is known. It is pointed out that the mistake many of us do is we put fully frozen fruits in a blender. This could lead to smoothies having lumps or it could even result in breakage of sharp blades in the blender. It is essential that frozen fruits must be left out in the fridge to thaw. The fruits could also be put in a zip lock bag and thawed in a bowl of water and later taken inside a blender.

Avoid nuts:

It is well known that nuts are hard. So it is important that the nuts are not taken inside a blender as they could blunt the blade. Sometimes we could get a sticky grout like paste.

Avoid foods having strong flavours/odours:

Garlic, chillies etc have got strong odour or flavour and when they are taken inside the blender the rubber seal of the blender gets affected. The future things that we blend get spoiled by that. When raw garlic is taken inside blender in preparing steak marinade, the flavour still remains even after repeated washing.

Right amounts of liquids must be added:

To avoid motor surging or splashing, it is important to add liquid slowly when the blender is running. Lumpiness results when the liquid is not sufficient and more liquid could result in blades not coming in contact with the solid. Hence liquids to solid ratio must be right to avoid the above mentioned issues.

Avoid foods with bones:

Before adding chicken or fish to a blender, make sure that the bones are removed fully. Otherwise it would spoil the blender totally.

Avoid sun dried tomatoes:

Never put sun dried tomatoes inside a blender as it might jam up the blender due to leathery texture in them. In order to use sun dried tomatoes in a blender it is important that they are softened in water first and then taken inside blender.