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With partly cloudy skies, Chennai city would be hot for few more days


Posted on : 12/Oct/2018 09:44:32

The latest news about the weather in Chennai city is due to the adverse effect of Cyclone Titli that is raging in the state of Odisha, it is now revealed that there would not be any rain and pleasant weather in the city of Chennai for few more days. The city of Chennai had hot and sunny day on Thursday, 11th October 2018 is known. There were heavy rains combined with strong winds in Odisha that is located about 1000 kms away from Chennai. The Chennai citys maximum temperature was highest in the last few days and it was touching 36.4 degrees Celsius. On Monday the maximum temperature was 32 degree Celsius. On Thursday, Tirupati located 140 kms from Chennai had a maximum temperature of 36 degree Celsius and it surprised many.

As per the Regional Meteorological Centre or RMC, the sky would be partly cloudy and Friday would be hot with the maximum temperature of 35 degree Celsius. The Met forecast did not mention about the rains but according to Skymet, the Chennai city might get light rains over the weekend.

Weathermen gave the reason for less chance of rains in Chennai city and in northern TN. According to the weathermen it is clear that the Cyclone in Bay of Bengal had sucked away most of the moisture thereby reducing the chances of rains in Chennai and in northern TN. It was also brought out by the weathermen that the weather system in the Arabian Sea that has developed into Cyclone might have played a part in taking away the rain plus cloud cover from north TN. These weathermen later spoke about how the wind flow is towards the north in Bay of Bengal and this has reduced the possibility of Chennai city getting rains in the wake of cyclone.

To trigger rains in Chennai city it would take another low pressure in the Bay of Bengal with its course closer to the TN coast and it would take few more days. The Cyclone Titli that has made landfall needs to weaken. Except for some southern districts in TN other places did not record any rainfall on Thursday. Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu recorded 5cm rainfall and rest of the region received 1cm to 3cm rainfall. It was said by the officials that Cyclone Titli that was expected to weaken and cause rainfall in north Andhra Pradesh and Odisha was also part of south monsoon activity.  To estimate when the northeast monsoon would set in the wind condition needs to be assessed.  Now the meteorological department is waiting for the Cyclones Titli and Luban to weaken.

There has been heavy rainfall in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and this has made the meteorological department to issue warning to the fishermen. As per this warning, the fishermen should not venture into North Bay of Bengal on Friday, 12th of October and this warning is issued for 24 hours. It is important to note that on 8th of October, low pressure area organized to depression in the east central Bay of Bengal and IMB assigned the system the identifier BOB 08. On 8th October itself the system strengthened into a deep depression. Then on 11th of October between 4:30 am and 5:30 am, Titli made landfall near Palasa in the Srkakulam district, AP is well known.