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My wife is not beautiful, This makes me feel unhappy


Posted on : 30/Apr/2018 11:52:56

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My wife is not beautiful. This makes me feel unhappy because all my colleagues are married to beautiful women. This is the reason I have stopped having sex with her. I know that my wife feels unhappy because of my attitude towards her. But I cannot help it. Can I divorce my wife so that I can marry a beautiful girl? - Sudhir from Mettupalayam
I pity your wife. You are paying attention to her appearance more than to her love. 

Do you think a beautiful wife will really make you happy?

If this was the case, then only men who married beautiful women would be happy. But this is never the case. 

Beauty is only skin deep. It can give you only superficial happiness of having married a beautiful woman.  

Will your wife think of divorcing you if you were not handsome? 

Will she deny you sex just because you are not good looking? 

I am sure she would not. Come out of your sadistic mental attitude towards your wife. Yes. 

You are being sadistic. You are giving your wife mental torture by making her feel unwanted and unattractive. Your wife feels very unattractive when you deny sex to her. 

Shall I ask you a question?

What would you do if your wife was beautiful, but does not take care of you?

Will you still feel happy and proud?


You would not. You will now hate her beauty as she is making your life torturous. You will not have a moment of peace. If your wife was beautiful, she would give you just a visual treat. But you need love and care to enjoy your marriage. 

Love your wife for what she is. Dont compare her with others. Dont make comments about her physical appearance. She will feel terribly upset. Encourage her to be well groomed. Remember your wife is beautiful in her own way.
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