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No changes in price of Tirupathi Laddu - TTD

Posted on : 07/Dec/2017 12:01:01 PM

The Joint Executive Officer of the TTD (Tirumalai Tirupathi Devasthanam Board) informed that there would be no change in the subsided price of the famous Laddu Prasadam offered to the devotees visiting Tirupathi.

In this regard, he explained that the TTD has been offering 10 big Laddus at Rs. 100 per piece, 10 vadas at Rs. 25 apiece, smaller laddus at Rs. 25 apiece, and mini-laddus at Rs. 3.50 apiece to the endowments who sponsor the Srinivasa Kalyana Utsavam conducted by TTD. This, in turn, is sold by the endowments to the devotees who participate in the Kalyana Utsavam.

In this situation, as the number of laddus sold by TTD has come down, there is a shortfall to meet the demands of the devotees. So, the religious endowments appealed to TTD to meet this shortfall of laddus and vadas at additional prices to satisfy the devotees,

TTD has considered this appeal favourbly and has decided to offer the prasadmas at higher prices, Big Laddus Rs. 200 apiece, Vada Rs. 100 apiece, small laddu Rs. 50 apiece, and mini-laddu Rs. 7 apiece.

However, there is no change in the subsided price of laddus offered directly to the devotees. Further, no other private agencies apart from the religious endowments will be given the prasadams of laddu and vadas.



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