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TTD: No change in Rs.300 darshan ticket

Posted on : 03/Jul/2017 6:23:29 PM

All items and services offered by TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam) for the devotees of the famous Tirupati temple will be subject to the new GST under implementation from 1st July.

So, the sale of the famous Tirupathi Laddu, the staying lodges, and the tickets for Darshan will all come under GST.

TTD has appealed to exempt the temple related items and services from GST to the central government. There has been no response so far.

With the implementation of GST already 2 days ago, the devotees expected an increase in the Darshan ticket prices however, they were pleasantly surprised to find no change.

TTD officials, while having a session with the press reporters, informed that an appeal has already been made to exempt TTD from GST. The GST Council is set to meet next on 5th August. It is proposed to stress this appeal in this meeting to get an exemption from GST. Till that, there will not be any changes in the Rs. 300 Darshan tickets.



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