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City author pens body, mind and soul book based on Schizophrenia

Posted on: 19/Oct/2015 5:05:42 PM
In a recent book launch event, city based writer, Ganesh Rajan, unveiled a book sharing the hypotheses and heuristics that helped him in his battle with, and recovery from schizophrenia. He outlines the ideas that continue to help him manage the condition in the book titled"I Me and Us - Insights of an ex-schizophrenia," published by Tata-Westland. The author of"I Me and Us"displayed florid symptoms of schizophrenia (hallucinations, delusions, etc.) in his late teens. These symptoms receded after three years of treatment; however, many negative symptoms (social withdrawal, blunted emotions, etc.) remained for much longer. By sheer serendipity and some analyses, he"recovered"to come back to normality. This book captures the essence of everything that facilitated his return, rejuvenated.

Using schizophrenia as a framework, the book reveals an approach that can help almost anyone, not just a person recovering from the condition. The ideas in it can help set right a range of negatives, real or imagined, including timidity, fear, introversion and the like. To inspire holistic wellness, the book explores attitudes, interaction and beliefs, ejecting biases, refining agreements or disagreements, within and around the psyche. The book unabashedly and ambitiously tackles several existential complications to deliver vital, useful insights.

This work, Ganesh reaffirms, is not just for the afflicted alone, but can also help the `normal` others too in the quest to create, discover or unleash a personal sense of sanity, success and wellness. In his book, which straddles psychology, philosophy and self-help, Ganesh provides new scaffolding that can help many understand their own niche in life`s journey. The three central concepts, which the book builds towards, are: accepting where and what one is and building from this point on, delinking one`s self-esteem from others, and discovering personal gain in any situation.

He shares concepts that can help alleviate guilt or resentment, and also optimistically attempts explanations for many of life`s conundrums. There are many books assuring formulas to win and techniques to success. This book is not one of them. I, Me and Us, Ganesh says, does not promise anything magical. But with an open mind and a willingness to change, we can find our unique personal purpose, and remain motivated. Insights to help acquire such a sense emerged in the course of the Ganesh`s recovery from schizophrenia.

This book provides a new framework, balancing the objectives of the individual and society. It goes about explaining the genesis of discontent in our age and follows it up with prescriptions to overcome this discontent. It tackles issues such as inequity, and of living a personally successful life, despite inequity. It provides a philosophy that allows one to align self, work and society without feeling short-changed or imbalanced in the process of living. It allows for rational choice, and for reasonableness as one such choice (and not just for some obscure divine or moral purpose).

Ganesh has been on medication for over 35 years now but however, but he says it more advisable to manage the condition, rather than to use medication to the point of stupor, just to be completely symptom-free. Ganesh is currently engaged as a Content Articulation Specialist for businesses requiring assistance in developing content for internal and external communication. He also meets other patients by appointment, offering Patient-to- Patient (P2PTM) counselling.

Website: http://imeandus.com
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