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Daily 4-hours power-cut in Chennai Officials awaiting government approval


Posted on : 11/Apr/2014 3:35:59 PM


TANGEDCO officials have decided to increase the daily power shut-down duration in Chennai in order to counter the severe shortage of power. Presently, there is a daily 2-hour power-shut down throughout Chennai on a rotational basis in different areas. EB officials are planning to increase this power shut-down period to 4 hours from 2 hours. However, the government authorities did not approve because of the ensuing election.

During the years 2007-08 & 2008-09, many foreign companies started their industries in Tamil Nadu. This required an additional power of 000 MW. This led to the increase in demand and shortage of supply. The shortage has continued to increase.

In order to overcome this, the officials take different steps depending on the situation on a given day. If the shortage is 200-500 MW, power is shut down in rural areas. If the shortage is 500-000 MW, Power is shut down in the industrial cities of Coimbatore, Erode, Tirupur, and Erode. If the shortage exceeds 1000 MW, power is shut down in Chennai city and its suburbs.

Vallur TPS Unit 2, Mettur & North Madras new generation units, and power from wind energy was available to provide an additional 2500-3000 MW.The power shut-down duration was also reduced. However, power generation has been disturbed to a shortfall of 000 MW from thermal power stations, 000 MW from hydro power stations, and 2000 MW from wind energy generation have all stopped.

Even 20 days before the start of May (the most severe part of summer), there has been an increase in power demand of 000-1500 MW. Power is being shut down in major parts of the state except Chennai city for a daily period of 6 to 8 hours. So, the people from other places are very upset that Chennai city being excluded from power cut.

Currently, the generation of power is around 11000 MW. The demand is 130000 MW. Chennai city & suburbs demand is 3000- 3500 MW.  So, the officials have decided to increase the current duration of daily 2 hours to 4 hours of power cut.

With the parliamentary elections scheduled for 2 weeks ahead, it is considered that any power cut increase will have a very adverse effect for the ruling party. So, the government did not approve the request for additional power cut.

However, it is expected the power cut will be increased after the elections.

The thermal power generation specialists feel that it is normal for the thermal power generation units to bra down during very hot periods. We have to wait for additional power till wind energy power is restored.




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