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Very Important news- Latest GO regarding the schools, colleges and polytechnics etc in TN!

Posted on: 16/Dec/2021 9:31:12 AM
From the month September 2021, the schools have resumed direct physical classes for the students studying from the classes 9 to 12 in Tamil Nadu.

The students belonging to classes 1 to 8 were learning through home based online classes for a long time is well known. These students faced lots of issues like stress, gaps in learning etc. To overcome these issues, the schools resumed classes for students of 1 to 8 from the month of November onwards.  It is true that the physical classes for these students in various schools have been taking place by following Covid-19 protocols like wearing facemask, maintaining distance, washing hands regularly etc. Classes were being held on a rotation basis.

Now, a GO has been passed and as per the order beginning from 3rd January 2022 there would not be conducted on rotation basis for the students belonging to classes 6 to 12. The rotation method has been banned now.

It has been found out that the students have lost their learning capacity as they have not attended physical classes at their schools for a long time. This has been taken into account now by the government. It is now revealed that from 3rd January 2022, the students of classes 6 to 12 belonging to high schools and higher secondary schools would have to present and there would be no rotation system of classes. This would also be applicable to the students belonging to colleges and polytechnics etc. It is known that the Omicron variant type has been active now causing few issues for many.