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Chennai Traffic Police Action: A penalty of Rs. 8.29 Crores collected on the count of drunken driving!

Posted on: 04/Apr/2023 12:22:31 PM
The Chennai Metro City Traffic Police has collected Rs. 8.29 crores as a penalty for drunken driving. The Chennai Traffic Police has initiated several activities to achieve the target of an "Accidents-free Chennai Metro City."

Accordingly, cases are registered under the New Motor Vehicles Act against drivers who drive vehicles under the influence of alcohol, and a penalty of Rs. 10,000/- is imposed. In this regard, as per the orders from the Police Commissioner Shankar Jiwal, ten call centres were set up to collect pending penalty amounts from drivers who did not pay the penalty.

Offenders were cleared from these call centres and reminded of their pending penalty payment, and asked to pay immediately. Accordingly, on 1st April, offenders who had not paid the penalty were called from the above call centres and reminded of their pending payment. 727 individual offenders were called, and payment was received through online payment and other avenues, with a total of Rs. 75.13 lakhs being collected.

With this special expeditious action, a total penalty of Rs. 8.291 crores has been collected over the last two months throughout Chennai Metro City from 8013 citizens who indulged in drunken driving.

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