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To travel in MTC buses in Chennai or other buses, passengers must have 2 doses of vaccination compulsorily!!


Posted on : 18/Jan/2022 9:41:15 AM

For traveling in suburban trains in Chennai, the commuters must be administered with 2 doses of vaccination and this rule is well known now to us.

Soon, there might be another surprising rule that could come out mentioning that those who travel in the MTC buses etc must also be administered with 2 doses of vaccination.

People in Chennai are scared regarding the rapid spread of Coronavirus and Omicron variants in Chennai. The process of vaccination has been speeded up now for vaccinating more persons.

To control the spread of this deadly infection, few restrictions have been imposed by the TN government like night curfew from 10pm to 5am and total lockdown on Sundays etc. Despite the restrictions, in the last 24 hours as many as 23459 persons have been identified with Coronavirus infection. It was earlier mentioned that Corona restrictions would become tougher after the Pongal festival. Now, a question has arisen about intensifying the restrictions to control further spread of the infection. The chief minister of Tamil Nadu would be discussing with the various officials and health authorities etc about intensifying the restrictions.

It has been observed that the commuters travel in the MTC buses very casually without maintaining social distance and by not wearing facemasks etc. This might lead to rapid spread of the infection from one person to another. There are some suggestions mentioning that the government must bring a rule now saying that the public would be allowed to travel in the government buses only after getting administered compulsorily with 2 doses of vaccination. This would encourage more persons to get vaccinated for Coronavirus infection.

In the same way, those who book bus tickets in advance must also attach documents or proofs regarding them administered with 2 doses of vaccination. Many social activists have been keenly expecting this new rule from the government.




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