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Release date of the movie Master ! - Production team expediting final stage activities!


Posted on : 04/Dec/2020 3:34:38 PM

As the date of release of the movie ‘Master’ starring Vijay has been decided, the production team is in full swing expediting all the final stage activities,

The movie ‘Master’ is directed by Lokesh Kanakaraj and stars the popular actor Vijay.

Due to the prevailing lockdown situation as a preventive measure against the raging coronavirus pandemic, with theatres remaining closed for a rather long gap over 8 months, the release of the movie ‘Master’ has been getting delayed!

The movie is produced by Xavier Britto and Lalith Kumar has acquired all the rights for releasing the movie ‘Master’,

Though discussions were held with various OTT (Over-The-Top) concerns, the production is resolute on releasing the movie in theatres only!

As the movie has been produced at enormous cost and the production team has been waiting not releasing the movie on OTT, the owners of theatre have extended full support for this stand!

The production team discussed the idea of releasing the movie on 13th January. Presently, this date has been decided and the production team is in full swing expediting the final stage activities. Though most of the activities in making the movie have been completed, the final-shaping activities are in progress.

Theatre owners have decided to allot over 80% of the theatres for the release of the movie ‘Master’! Presently, the audience is allowed only to 50% extent to observe the norm of social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The production team 0f the movie ‘Master’ has appealed to the State Government of Tamil Nadu to increase this to 75%! This has been confirmed by the Tamil Nadu State Minister Kadambur Raju.

The date of release as on 13th January is confirmed and stands. It is learnt that the approval to raise the audience level to 75% may also be approved shortly!
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