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Important aspects to consider during the registration of Land sale deed/bond


Posted on : 13/Aug/2019 4:08:07 PM

1. The document used for registering the sales of land from one person to another under the buyers name is known as Sales Deed Bond.

2. This documents are prepared by typing/writing on stamped bond papers and registered with the witnesses in the Registrars office - this process is known as registration.

3. It has to be thoroughly checked whether the name and initials of the seller are identical as registered in the sellers Identity Card, Patta. Electricity Connection, and other relevant documents.

4. It has also to be thoroughly checked and verified whether the address given in the registration form is the same as registered in the previous sales deed bond of the concerned land. If the addresses are different, then both the addresses must be entered in the new sales deed bond for registration.

5. The buyer also must thoroughly check whether his name, initials, and address are identical as given in his/her Identity Card without any mistakes.

6. How did the seller acquire this property?
  • He might have bought it from another person.
  • He might have received it from his parents or other family persons by way settlement or share of properties or release deed.
  • He might have received from someone will or as a donation.
  • He might have acquired it from public auction or court judgement order.
  • It might be a hereditary property acquired as an heir. The seller must clearly indicate with complete details as above and how he/she acquired this property.
7. It would be best to record the history of ownership of the concerned land/property with the complete details of not only how the seller acquired it but also how the previous seller acquired the same and all these link documents regarding the history of the property must be recorded.

8. If available, record the true sales figure as bought - or otherwise, just a guideline price of the property may be recorded. What was the amount given while entering the agreement, how much amount was given as cheque, how much was deposited in the buyers bank account, and how much was given in cash - all these details must be recorded clearly.

9. The seller must give the following promises to the buyer:
  • Donation
  • Mortgage details
  • Advance registration
  • Advance agreement
  • The will
  • Settlement
  • The court or collateral Security
  • Revenue Attachment
  • Heirs and successorsrs
  • Minor details
  • Property ownership courses claimed from the unregistered bonds/deeds
  • Confiscation of property
  • Mortgage of property
  • Government loans settlements
  • Bank Loans
  • Loans taken from other private agencies/persons
  • Heirship regarding the property
  • Civil or criminal cases
  • Acquisition of government land
  • Land control
  • Government Advance notice in case of confiscation
  • Upper limit control of the land
  • No property owned under the Property registration Act 47(a)
  • No other problems not mentioned above
10. The registration should have the promise given by the seller confirming that  - all government taxes have been paid, I have handed over all these property-related documents in original/duplicate, in case corrections are required in future, and I am ready to come and sign a new registration if required or some corrections in the existing sales deed/bond if required.

11. The important details such as the district, taluk, village land number, etc., must be clearly entered. The street name and the door number, if available, must be entered clearly. In case Electricity connection is available, the concerned connection number/details, the Patta Number of the Land, The old survey number, and the new survey number, the new survey number and the survey number as per the Patta must be entered properly.

12. The dimension of the land, if entered properly as per the local system of measurement, British measurement system, and metric Measurement System. It would be especially useful in case the details are entered in the metric measurement system.

13. The details of the properties lying next to the 4 borders of the registered property must be identified without even any small errors. The length and breadth particulars of the surroundings of the 4 borders must be clearly mentioned.

14. It must ve checked and verified if the seller has signed in all pages of the sales deed bond. It must also be thoroughly verified whether the witnesses on behalf of the seller have signed with proper addresses.

15. It must also be checked and verified whether required Patta details, map, copies if Identity Proofs have all been attached with the sales Deed Bond and also, whether the seller has signed in each of these documents.

16. It is also to be checked whether the stamp papers have been bought as required (value, etc) whether the amount of the Registration DD (Demand Draft) is correct, and whether the concerned r registrar departmental clerk or the advocate or the person who made the deed have all signed proper.
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