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Important information about panic attacks and various ways to deal with a person having a panic attack!!

Posted on: 31/May/2023 8:40:36 AM
People these days give huge importance for their mental health just like how they give importance to their physical health. Though the words like panic, stress and anxiety etc are being used  interchangeably now, they are different. It is good that awareness regarding mental health has grown now to a huge extent than in the past. Truth is that it is very important to know exactly what a panic attack means.

What is panic attack:

Sometimes, a person might experience a sudden feeling of immense fear that comes without any warning etc and this is called a panic attack. When a person gets a panic attack then he or she would feel overwhelmed leading to issues like hyperventilations etc in them.

Symptoms of panic attack:

Those persons who have panic attacks would show symptoms like palpitations, pounding heart, over sweating, trembling, choking sensation, hyperventilation, unsteadiness, nausea, chest discomfort etc.

What to do when a person has panic attack:

There are few things that can be done by others for a person suffering from a panic attack. They are

By keeping calm:

It is natural that when we see a person with a panic attack we would feel overwhelmed. Therefore, we must keep calm and by that the person with panic attack would also calm down.

By asking the affected one to sit down:

It is important that when we see a person with a panic attack then we must ask the person to sit down comfortably and provide them with water.

By making them do relaxing techniques:

Those who are present near the persons with panic attacks must make them do relaxation techniques like box breathing or mindfulness breathing etc. They must also do these techniques along with them.

By distracting them:

This is also a very important way that must be followed by others to help the persons with panic attacks. The affected persons would not be thinking about themselves by the distraction.

By saying positive statements:

Those helping the persons with panic attacks must say `This too will go soon`,  `You can handle this well` type statements. This would make a positiveve impact on the persons with panic attacks.

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