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Aadhar card mandatory to have the same day Free Darshan at Tirupathi temple

Posted on: 25/May/2018 5:45:05 PM
Lakhs of devotees visit Tirupathi every day to have a Darshan of one of the most popular Lord Venkateswara at the Tirupathi temple. There are several categories of Darshan of the Lord on offer including Special Darshan, Divya Darshan, Sarva Darshan or Free Darshan for the devotees who reach the temple by foot climbing the hills.

Out of this, the devotees coming for free Darshan need wait for long durations in the waiting halls. In an effort to reduce this, the Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD) has introduced the token system mentioning the date and time of Darshan. As per this, Darshan tokens are given in order that the devotees have their Free Darshan on the same day. However, it has been announced that Aadhar card will be mandatory for this.

TTD officials explained that the token system has been in order to reduce the waiting time for the devotees for Free Darshan. With the tokens carrying the allotted time, it is possible to have Darshan earlier. However, in order to obtain this toke, the devotee has to bring his/her Aadhar card.

For this Free Darshan system, 40000 tickets/tokens would be issued on all Saturdays and Sundays. 20000 tickets/tokens would be issued on all Mondays and Fridays and 15000 tickets/tokens will be issued on all Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

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