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Amazing!! Google to make Artificial Intelligence very simple now!!

Posted on: 11/Sep/2023 9:31:06 AM
The superb news that has now come out is that Google is now taking the sophistication of the AI model and would put it behind a simple interface called chats. This would let us open it up to every department. This was brought to light by Mr. Thomas Kurien, CEO of the Google Cloud.

He spoke about how the recently launched products like Duet AI in workspace and Vertex AL would revolutionise the market. It must be noted that from 29th of August 2023, a 3 day Google Cloud event took place in San Francisco in the USA and Mr. Thomas Kurien revealed the plans.

Information gathered is that AI could be used in every dept, every business function in a company, every industry. For shopping and commerce etc, the retailers are now testing AI. Many tele-communication companies and banks etc use AI to their advantage.

After simplified access to the internet, many began using Google and now in the same way many people would also be using Al.

As per the VP and GM of Google Workspace, Aparna Pappu it was very clear that AL would help write emails and make presentations using different sources. In addition, AI would also summarise the virtual meetings, discussions etc.

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