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Be Carefull!! Now public given warnings by police department for Whatsapp Pink virus

Posted on: 22/Apr/2021 9:35:49 AM
These days many all over the world use Whatsapp to communicate with their families and friends as they find it very comfortable. People use Whatsapp to send photos, information, make video calls etc to be in touch with others. Sometimes, using this mode of communication might also lead to issues.

If you have got a link to change WhatsApp theme to pink, then please do not click. It is important to note here people must not click that link as a scam from the fraudsters for getting full access on their mobile phones. The police department and cyber security experts have issued warnings to the people about this recent scam by fraudsters.

Truth is that 4 days back Mr. Rajasekar Rajaharia of New Delhi has warned about this new cyber threat and alerted the public on Twitter. He had tweeted about the virus that was spread in the WhatsApp groups with an android application package APK download link. He had also mentioned that people should not click any link in the name of WhatsApp pink.

A new trap set by the fraudsters is this WhatsApp pink. Here, URL link with malware would inform that the users would be able to change standard green typeface and background into pink.

It is clear that when the people click the URL link then the person would be led to a website and an APK file of application is downloaded to the mobile phone. Truth is that the app would also seek permission to send notifications, access contacts and so on. It would not be possible to skip those options. When the person gives permission, then the WhatsApp pink icon disappears from the screen. It was later brought to light by Mr. V. Vikraman, DCP, Adyar that the fake application doesnt mean the theme change but it would help the fraudsters gain total control over the mobile phone of the users. In addition, all the contacts of the user would be sent a similar message. Information is that new users would get affected by the trick from the fraudsters as they might fall prey to it.

It was later revealed by WhatsApp that anyone could get such an unusual, uncharacteristic, suspicious message on any service like e-mails etc. People must be cautious and avoid clicking those links. It is now said that those who use WhatsApp must only make use of the tools that are provided to them for sending them reports.