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TN govt Department of School education to take action on 700 unapproved schools


Posted on : 18/May/2019 12:26:43

The Tamil Nadu State Government Department of School Education has decided to close the 700 schools functioning in the state without proper approval. It is expected that these schools are likely to be closed before the start of the coming new academic year.

There are 4382 Private Matriculation Schools functioning in the state of Tamil Nadu. These schools have been functioning based on the proper government approval in different categories LKG to 6th Standard, LKG to 8th Standard, and LKG to 10th standard.

As for the approval, there are 2 kinds the first is the permanent approval and the second is the approval to be renewed every year. When the existing approval is about to expire, applications for renewal must be submitted.

When the renewal of application is scrutinized, checking is done whether proper facilities including the basic facilities are available when shortfalls are found in this regard, there is a delay in renewal of approval to allow the schools to function. This leads to a situation when the students of the school could not write the public examination. In these circumstances, the parents are constrained to admit their children (students) in a different school!

In order to resolve the above and similar issues, the State Government department of School Education has taken a decision to implement the Court Order that all categories of schools must function only with proper government approval.

On the above basis, the Directorate of School Education has ordered in April that all the District primary Education Officers must ensure that all the schools functioning in the state of Tamil Nadu must function only on proper approval from the government. Further, a list of schools functioning without approval has also been sought. It has also been emphasised that the schools with approval must display the same in a prominent place in their school complex.

As per the above order, the details of the schools functioning in the state without proper approval have been received by the Department of School Education. As per this, district-wise, the following details have been received about the schools functioning without proper approval: Tirupur 86, Salem 53, Thiruvallur 48, and Chennai 7, to a total of 700 schools. The state government has ordered that these schools must be closed immediately.

As the Election Commission Rules and regulations are in vogue presently, the Department of School Education has planned to close the 700 unapproved schools after 23rd May. Further, the Department is also making arrangements to admit the boy/girl students studying in these schools to other schools.