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From Sunday onwards, parts of TN and Chennai might get heavy rains


Posted on : 26/Apr/2019 09:41:51

It must be noted that the low pressure in the Bay of Bengal is yet to develop into a cyclonic storm. It is now said that parts of Tamil Nadu and Chennai might get heavy rains starting from Sunday. The point is as of now it is not yet clear regarding the rains. The name given by Bangladesh to the prospective cyclonic storm is Fani is known now.

North coastal districts including Chennai would get rains but there might be some changes. This was according to Mr. Balakrishnan who is the director of Indian Meteorological Department, IMD in Chennai.

It is important to note that IMD had forecasted on Thursday about heavy to very heavy rains in few places and extremely heavy rains at isolated places belonging to coastal TN. This was due to the weather system brewing over southeast Bay of Bengal would intensify into a cyclonic storm in the next 48 hours of time. the official of IMD spoke about how on 28th, 29th April, heavy rainfall is likely to take place. He was unsure regarding the rainfall in the south or north coastal area or in the interior parts of TN as the system has not developed into a cyclone. 

It must be noted that the weatherman issued rainfall warning under a red legend that requires district administration to take action on 30th April and 1st May. On these dates the cyclone is expected to move closer to the coast is known. On 28th of April 2019, IMD has predicted thunderstorm with gusty winds of 50 to 60kmph. In addition to this lightning is likely to take place on that day in some isolated places of TN.

It was pointed out by an official belonging to Regional Meteorological Centre or RMC that it was wrong to call it Red Alert. He spoke about how warnings were issued under various colour codes to inform the district administration to take necessary action or get prepared. He added that heavy rain was expected and hence it was marked in red colour.

Popular weather blogger from Chennai, Mr. Pradeep John, explained about how the cyclone in April 1966 was the last one that moved towards TN. The cyclone made landfall between Chennai and Nagapattinam but far way from Chennai. He finally spoke about whether we could get rains or not would be decided by the closeness of the cyclone to the north TN coast (Kancheepuram-Thiruvallur-Chennai).

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