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A new place for relaxation in Chennai - Indias first ever Super Tree Tower Park in Chennai soon!!

Posted on: 11/Jul/2024 9:16:03 AM
Cathedral Road is one of the busiest localities in the city of Chennai. This is now grabbing the attention of many. The news is that soon India`s first ever Super Tree Tower Park (named after former CM of TN Mr. M. Karunanidhi) would be opened in Cathedral Road.

Later in this month of July, the CM of TN Mr. M.K. Stalin would unveil the Kalaignar Centenary Super Tree Tower Park. This was as per some officers from the horticultural dept.

It is worth noting that this park was developed on par with Royal Botanical Gardens in London and Dubai Miracle Garden. Information is that Tamil Nadu Horticultural Development Agency or TANHODA has played a role in the development of the park.

According to an official belonging to TN Agricultural dept it was clear that 80% of the work was completed and the remaining would be completed in two weeks.

Various features of the tower park:
The park would have a glasshouse built at Rs 7cr and supertree tower with viewing decks at an estimated amount of Rs 14cr on 110 grounds lands in Cathedral Road near Radhakrishnan Road. At the glasshouse, there would be exotic flowering plants brought from countries like Singapore etc. The 10 storey super tree tower that would come up would be 105m in height.

It must be taken into account that the tower would have lift and a/c facilities etc and about 100 persons can view the entire Chennai city from the tower at a time. There would be granite slabs at the entrance of this tower park and it would show schemes initiated by former CM of TN Mr. Karunanidhi for the agricultural sector.

On the north side, Senganthal Park would be present and on the south side Semmozhi Poonga would be present. By means of a footbridge, Semmozhi Poonga and Kalaignar Centenary Park would be connected.

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