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Health Crisis Spurs Mandated Inspections of Drinking Water Quality in Rural Tamil Nadu!

Posted on: 18/Jun/2024 11:39:30 AM

The Public Health Department has mandated monthly inspections of drinking water quality distributed by local authorities following a recent health crisis in rural Tamil Nadu. Over the past 20 days, nine deaths and more than 100 hospitalizations were reported due to illnesses linked to contaminated water, suspected to be tainted with sewage.

The issue has been attributed to aging infrastructure, including leaky pipes and poorly maintained water tanks, leading to sewage infiltration into the drinking water supply. In response, Director Selva Vinayagam of the Tamil Nadu Public Health Department emphasized the crucial need for local bodies to meticulously ensure safe drinking water delivery. He highlighted the importance of chlorination at treatment plants and tanks, as well as the maintenance of clean water distribution through household pipes.

Health inspectors have been instructed to gather data on affected patients in hospitals and to conduct monthly testing of water samples from homes. Any identified shortcomings in water quality are to be promptly addressed in collaboration with local authorities. Citizens are advised to consume thoroughly boiled water, particularly boiled at night for use the next day, for better health benefits.

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