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Chennai public in a state of shock due to reduction now in the distribution of green Aavin milk packets

Posted on: 04/Oct/2023 10:08:43 AM
Aavin or TN Cooperative Milk Producers Network is involved in selling milk and milk products to the people in TN. Every day, through Aavin about 30 litres of milk is being procured. In Chennai alone, 15 lakh litres of milk are sold.

Now, the selling of green milk packets (with 4.5% fat content stabilized milk) to dairy farms and direct milk agents etc has been reduced up to 50% in Chennai. The public and milk agents are now in a state of shock.

It must be taken into account that as per the DMK party promise the green milk packets are being sold for Rs 44 per litre after the reduction in the price by Rs 3. Information is that Rs 22 is the price for 500 ml. By this, there is a loss of Rs 7 per litre for Aavin. In this scenario now, the sales of green milk packets have been reduced. Instead a purple coloured milk packet (equalised milk) was sent. Information is that it has 3.5% fat content in it. It has been planned to reduce the distribution of green milk packets by 70% in the future.

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