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Sensational Idea!! Soon, Shops, eateries and pubs etc in this famous Chennai locality will be open for 24 hours!!

Posted on: 02/Jun/2023 9:08:41 AM
Khader Nawaz Khan Road or KNKR in Nungambakkam in Chennai is a very busy locality. Many people come here for shopping, eateries, pubs etc. Soon, the nightlife in this important locality in Chennai would become lively. The shops and pubs etc here would be open for a full 24 hours. The GCC has got plans to create a pedestrian plaza here.

Bengaluru Bridge Road and Mahatma Gandhi Road have got micro breweries, restaurants, bars shops, shopping complexes etc and the pedestrian plaza at KNK Road would be similar to that of the above mentioned roads. Recently, GCC officers took part in a meeting with Mr. Ezhilan Thousand Lights MLA and discussed the possibility of creating a pedestrian plaza at KNK Road.

To complement KNK Road, the nearby roads like Rutland gate 4th street, Wallace Garden second street, Wallace Garden third street etc would be developed to make them parking friendly.

There would be a 2m walking track on both the sides plus 4m travel lane at this KNK Road after it gets re-designed. With the famous shops functioning through 25 hours, the nightlife here would be sensational plus GCC would also get revenue through taxes. The KNK Road would have lots of LED lights plus places to sit and relax etc

When built, the pedestrian plaza at KNK Road would be a landmark. This was as per Mr. J. Radhakrishnan, GCC Commissioner. He shed light on the presence of many shops, cafes and eateries that were present on this road. 

Currently, the pedestrian plaza project is on the drawing board. It is revealed that the board space would have lots of space for walking on one side with designer greenery. For the new shops also, space is being allotted now. It was mentioned by Chennai based event organiser that GCC would leave enough open space for the events here